Join us for an afternoon sail, sunset sail, nature cruise, whale watching, or choose your own
adventure.   We encourage our guests to take an active role sailing the vessel, or, if you prefer, sit back
and relax while we glided effortlessly through the water.  

During your sail you'll view San Diego like you never imagined.  We'll cruise through the bay and see
Sea Lions basking in the water, huge ships departing and arriving in our busy port, all while carving
through the seas on this race inspired sloop!

Simply click the link below to purchasae tickets for your adventure.  If you have something special in
mind that you do not see on the calendar and would like to set up a custom charter,   feel free to call us
directly at 858-952-9390 or e-mail  We'll get it all figured out.
Welcome to Cast Off Sailing!
For Sailing Lessons and
Custom Charters,
contact Captain Aaron
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