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Sailing Charters in San Diego for up to 6 guests.
3 Hour San Diego Sailing

3 Hour Sunset Sail
We'll set sail about an hour before
sunset to give you plenty of time to
catch the full range of hues painted on
Mother Nature's canvas. We provide
plenty of cozy warm blankets in case
you get a chill, or want to cuddle on
deck. If you love clean air, smooth
sailing and postcard beautiful
sunsets.  Champagne is poured with
each sailing.
A mild climate and steady winds
make San Diego the ultimate
playground for boating of all kinds.
From sabots to super yachts, cruise
ships, recreation to racing, San
Diegans love to get out on the water,
and visitors can join in the fun
!  We'll
set sail for the Pacific Ocean and
Point Loma Lighthouse, then make
our way back towards San Diego.  

Every year during the winter months,
California Grey Whales migrate from
the frigid waters of Alaska to the more
temperate waters off the coast of Baja
California, Mexico.

The Grey Whale is one of the animal
kingdoms great migrators, traveling in
groups called Pods.  Some of these
giants swim 12,430 miles round-trip
and breed in the shallow southern
waters and balmier climate.

These whales were once the target of
extensive hunting, and by early in the
20th century they were in serious
danger of extinction.

Today, Grey Whales are protected by
international law, and their numbers
have grown.  In 1994, the Grey Whale
was removed from the United States
endangered species list.

We set sail for the open ocean to get
a glimpse of these amazing
creaturesas they make their way down
the coast.  Don't be surprised if you
see dolphins and sea lions as well!
3 1/2 Hour Whale Watching Adventure
(Seasonal - Late December- March