San Diego Bay Sailing

A mild climate and steady winds make San Diego the ultimate playground for boating of all kinds.

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Sunset Sail

Ready for an unforgettable romantic memory? Maybe you're in need of a “mental massage.” San Diego Bay sunsets are world famous and there's no better way to see this breathtaking cosmic display than from our sailing yacht on the smooth, calm waters of San Diego Bay. These trips evolved from our love of the ocean, the sky and the marine life we share this world with.

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Whale Watching Adventure

Every year during the winter months, California Grey Whales migrate from the frigid waters of Alaska to the more temperate waters off the coast of Baja California, Mexico. The Grey Whale is one of the animal kingdom's great migrators, traveling in groups called pods. Some of these giants swim 12,430 miles round-trip and breed in the shallow southern waters and balmier climate.

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Private Sailing Adventure

Enjoy a private yacht cruise with your friends/family on the waters of San Diego Bay. Call for details!

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  • Whale Watching Adventure

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