FAQ About Sailing Yacht

FAQ About Sailing Charters San Diego
Clothing & Gear: Weather changes. Some warm days turn cool. Some cold days get hot. Extra clothing and rain or wind gear is a good idea. You will only miss what you didn't bring with you.

Food & Beverage: Feel free to bring what you need in the way of food, beverage and snacks. Just remember that this is a two or four hour adventure. A tote bag works well for food and snacks not requiring refrigeration. We do provide soda, water & Champagne.

Alcoholic beverages: Remember the legal drinking age is 21 and it is enforced. Safety is always the first concern; so, moderation is the key while on the water. You may BYOB, and we steer the vessel and learn to sail, and you will be driving home after your charter.

Controlled substances: The United States Coast Guard has a zero tolerance policy regarding the possession and or use of drugs aboard any commercial vessel. Violation is a serious federal offense. Do not even think about crossing this line aboard a charter boat. It could ruin
your next 5 to 10 years. Prescription drugs, if needed, should be brought aboard in the original prescription container clearly showing the patients name and contents.

Foot wear: Every once in a while someone comes aboard with their work shoes or high heels. Oil, grease, tar, printing inks, paints, mud, etc., create a significant cleaning issue or worse if the stains can not be removed. With high heels, you will slip and fall and hurt yourself and the boat. Soft soled non-marking shoes should be the only footwear worn on a charter.

For those of you surprising your partner with the sunset cruise, we do understand you may not be in the position to suggest the correct foot wear. Especially if you have dinner plans before or after the cruise. We will ask that the ladies remove the high heels before stepping on board for their safety.

Motion sickness: Most people know if they have a tendency for motion sickness. If you find that you don't feel "quite right" while on the water; don't wait to see if it goes away on its own. Let the Captain know right away. He will most likely have some suggestions that will help.

Tobacco: Smoking is not permitted.

Arrival Time: Arrive on time and prepared, it is not necessary to arrive early. Your captain will have the boat "set-up" and ready at the time of your charter. It won't take but a couple of minutes