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    Video showing the marina - Push Play

We will meet at the top of the ramp at Gate 1, docks "A-D" which is located at the 
North-West corner of the marina parking lot.  See the marina map and video above.  
We do not have an on-site office, we will meet at the gate.  There are chairs at the gate, your welcome to wait there, we'll find you. If you go through the gate you'll get lost in the marina and we probably won't find you.
Do not arrive with more people than what you reserved.  Often times we are sold out and cannot accept extra people regardless of age.  This includes infants of any age.  

Plan to arrive 20 minutes before departure time, the marina is big and it's easy to get lost.   Your Captain will meet you at the gate 5 minutes before departure time.

Please be on time, as we sail promptly at the scheduled departure time.
Don't try to take a Bird or other type of scooter to the marina. They are geo fenced and you won't be able to leave it and close out your ride.

We are conveniently located at Sunroad Resort Marina on San Diego's Harbor Island.
The address is:         955 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92101.

Parking is $10-$15 per car in the marina parking lot where there is ample parking.
Our Sailings include white wine, soda and water  Your welcome to bring your own food and drinks. 
Our crew graciously accepts gratuity!  If you feel our crew has done an outstanding job, feel free to let them know.  We have Venmo as well.  
Smoking is not permitted on board.   
We suggest bringing a sweater or jacket just in case its cool out on the water, as well as a hat & sunscreen.  
For questions: Call 619-418-5300


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