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Spring Yacht Maintenance

Summer is almost here, which means it's time to get everything dialed in! Some boat owners take annual yacht maintenance for granted, but I believe there is nothing more important than going through all of your yachts systems annually. Not only do you feel peace of mind knowing that all systems are go, you'll also save a lot of money long term. They say the word "Boat" stands for "Break Out Another Thousand" and there is some truth to that! However, you can minimize those expensive maintenance costs by practicing good, quality preventative maintenance.

This year Queen Anne's Revenge maintenance list includes fortifying the rudder post, replacing all the thru-hulls, and getting a fresh coat of bottom paint. Faulty thru-hulls can pose a serious risk of springing a leak and sinking, and a bad rudder post could cause an out of control situation in the event of a system failure. Bottom paint keeps all the critters from attaching and growing on the boat, which keeps her sailing at peak performance.

I will also be adding a piece of equipment called in Epirb, which acts as an emergency beacon that contacts the Coast Guard directly. Hopefully we will never need to have it, but in the event of an emergency it's a great piece of equipment to have! Our charters are very safe and our Captains are highly qualified experienced, but it never hurts to have the latest and greatest in safety gear.

Queen Anne's Revenge will be back in the water and ready to sail by early next week, let's go sailing!

Captain Aaron

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